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meet the founder

Kat Tepelyan

In my 2 decades in the web industry, lots of things have evolved and are now easier to do.

Yet the most difficult thing I find businesses struggle with is talking about yourself & your work effectively.

I've helped large corporations, small startups and solopreneurs get launched and successful since 1999.

Branding, design and development, paired with communication, marketing and community building, I've helped many make great money doing what they love and make a massive impact.

Wherever you are in your business journey, we can help you make the right technological and communication decisions to reach your desired audience, succeed, and keep growing.

The Work


We take on select clients who love what they do and want to make a difference in the world. 

Below are our core services. If you would like to inquire about anything, please use the contact page and get in touch.

Design & Development

A beautiful site should also be technically sound, easy to manage, and should work for you while you sleep. If your site does not bring you joy, it's time for a change.

Marketing & Advertising

Once you have your brand and site in a great place, selling your products and services becomes the main focus. Developing a funnel, finding your ideal clients and running ads is the next step to your Epic brand. 

Branding & Communication

Your brand has a voice and a face. It has a life of its own that needs to be expressed. Branding goes hand in hand with design, so you can get clear on your uniqueness.

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Is your branding, your site, your look, not expressing the mission or message of your purpose? Is it need of a deep dive review and overhaul?


Do your tools need to work together better? Are you ready to drop a system you secretly hate?


Is your communication in need of help? Is consistency an issue or is the voice all wrong? 

Marketing & Sales

Are you ready to go bigger, make a larger impact and /or make more money doing what you love?


Are you running your classes or communities on the wrong platforms? Are you frustrated by the process of having to switch or build your own?

Private Communities

Want to build an online community without running it on something like Facebook? Like to keep your people and their sharing private? We build custom private communities for your folk.

Online Classes

You don't have to run your courses off of someone else's proprietary platform with high monthly fees of a Facebook type giant. We work with excellent WordPress integrations to help you achieve what you need without the monthly overhead.


A look-see of our style


One of the best business relationships I have ever been in

Working with Kat was and is one of the best business relationships I have ever been in. She accomplished everything that was promised, and more, and did it with such gentle loving style.

I am looking forward to working with her again on new projects.

Lorin Roche, PhD author of The Radiance Sutras and Meditation Made Easy


We help integrate and build for these systems.



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